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NOvember 15

9pm-2am / Performances on the half hour starting at 10pm
21+ Only
Fred Wildlife Refuge
128 Belmont Ave. E (pink door across from Goodwill)
Seattle WA 98122

BeautyBoiz and Castor Pollux are thrilled to bring you a celebration of Robyn, a true icon - just in time for the release of her brand new album! She told us to keep dancing on our own, she reminded us that the prince of darkness knows better than to f*ck with us, and she has held court in our hearts, our clubs, our headphones, and our bedrooms. It’s time to show her that all BeautyBoiz and Babez <3 Robyn.

Co-producers Arson Nicki and Michete are your hosts for the night, featuring a dance party and performances inspired by, of course, the one and only Robyn.  Featuring DJ’s Thumper (PDX) and Reece’s Pieces (SEA) here to make sure we dance to the beat. And performances from Arson Nicki, Michete, Castor Pollux, ONE, Britt Brutality, Bosco, Kylie Mooncakes, Baby Guuurl, Ti T and more.

Welcome To the queer collective

Redefining the Beauty Standard 


Our Mission

We all want a quality interaction and the chance to dance with the people we love (and with people that we've never met). In order for that to happen we need safe spaces; we need to foster a sense of inclusivity in our community. This is our mission: To create platforms for artists in our community and celebrate the vast spectrums of beauty, art, and passion the LGBTQIA tribe has to offer. Pulling inspiration from the Drag Houses and Fashion Houses we are a collective of unique creatives expressing our beauty to the world.


our work

BeautyBoiz dedication to supporting our community is our core value. We work toward this with an incredible group of partners that share our values. With a mission as important as ours, we understand that have to not only tell the world what we are doing but we have to show them. We show our dedication to the values that shape us through our work.


From the lips of BeautyBabez

"Queer AF was such a great party, and the music that night was probably the highlight of my entire Pride weekend. BeautyBoiZ definitely hit a home run"